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  • Best Wine Shop

    K&L Wine Merchants

    Already a well-established outpost for value and splurge-worthy selections, K&L recently moved a few blocks from its original SoMa location, and we're happy to report that things got better. K&L, which has stores in Hollywood and Redwood City, finds itself in that happy medium between the watered-down booze empires dotting suburbia and the dedicated yet small speciality shops we hope to find in all neighborhoods. Their mojo is direct imports, and virtually everything they offer is a few dollars less... More >>

  • Best Record Store

    Rooky Ricardo's Records

    When employees at a store asks if they can help you find anything, it's usually a meaningless gesture, or at worst, a threat of surveillance, but when Dick Vivian asks you what you're looking for when you walk into Rooky Ricardo's Records, he wants to help you find the funkiest, silkiest tunes he has — of which he has a lot. Vivian supplies everything from the craziest early R&B and rock 'n' roll cuts from the Jive Bombers, to New... More >>

  • Best "Because You Had a Bad Day" Shop

    Healthy Spirits

    We've all had that day: the one where you accidentally hit "Reply All" on an email intended for one or get rear-ended as you're backing out of the veterinary clinic where you've just spent your life savings to find out that the results on your cat's blood work are "inconclusive." Sometimes you need a treat, and that's all that Healthy Spirits, with locations in the Inner Richmond and Castro Districts, has to offer. Featuring shelves stocked with all manner of... More >>

  • Best Store to Update Your Dog's Wardrobe

    Yap Stores

    You know you've found the perfect store to outfit your dog when you go to their website and find that they have not one, but seven different clothing categories — including formalwear and raincoats. As Yap Stores' many offerings suggest, this doggy boutique is about more than just keeping your pup dry on a rainy day. This is where you go if you want your furry friend to look hip and stylish (perhaps even more so than you). Standout threads... More >>

  • Best Tailor to Mend the Hole in Your Jeans After You Fell Last Weekend

    Young's Alterations

    So you went out last Saturday night and wore those new dark-wash, skinny leg jeans that you just bought despite the fact that it's the end of the month and you should be saving that money for your rent check. You and a few friends hit up that bougie new wine bar down the block from your apartment and one thing leads to another and pretty soon you're prancing around town on your very own bar crawl. It's one of... More >>

  • Best Lunch Hour Manicure

    Lucky Nails

    If you're anywhere around Market Street during lunchtime, chances are you work nearby or are out shopping. Regardless, one thing's for sure: you're pressed for time. Fortunately, quick service nail salons like Lucky Nails are also in the area to help busy individuals, such as yourself, make the most of their limited time. The prices are reasonable, too. In under 45 minutes, you can get a gel manicure for $25. Lucky Nails comes with a few quirks, however. While the... More >>

  • Best Store to Buy Other People's Clothing

    No Shop

    There's no shortage of vintage and thrift shops in the Mission, but well-curated, affordable shops are few and far between. At No Shop, you get the best of both worlds: cool, vintage threads that won't break the bank or require latex gloves and hours of sifting through bins and racks to find something fabulous. Everything a vintage junkie could possibly want, need, or desire is here, from letterman and leather motorcycle jackets to pleated skirts and long hippie dresses. They... More >>

  • Best Store to Align Your Chakras

    The Love of Ganesha

    According to Indian thought, we have seven centers of spiritual power on our bodies called chakras, starting from our reproductive organs all the way up to the top of our heads. Each chakra has a specific color, power, and assortment of crystals associated with it. For instance, if you're feeling tired and unmotivated, you should focus on your third chakra, the solar plexus, which is located on your belly button, by surrounding yourself with yellow and gold crystals, like citrine,... More >>

  • Best Animals to Plant Succulents In

    Coastal Moss

    Succulents are so in right now, but terra-cotta pots are so out, so why not pair that echeveria you got at the farmer's market in a gold-painted Triceratops pot instead? In her online Etsy shop, Bay Area resident Heather Fields Martinucci sells brightly painted planters in the $20 to $50 range, made of hollowed-out vintage animal toys, like rhinoceroses, hippos, elephants, and, of course, dinosaurs. Many of the planters even come with succulents, lichen, and moss gathered from Martinucci's own... More >>

  • Best Face Products That You'll Want to Eat

    La Conchita Naturals

    Ten years ago, the woman behind La Conchita Naturals — sold exclusively on Etsy — started concocting her own all-natural, chemical- and oil-free beauty products for herself and her friends. Her creations, which included face and body products and makeup, went over so well that she's since turned her hobby into a full-on business. Most of her products, like the pumpkin face mask with oatmeal and honey, the strawberry cream face mask, or the cocoa mint body butter, sound good... More >>

  • Best Use of Dr. Seuss

    The Green Cross

    While waiting in line for the weekend's quarter of Cookies I spied some illustrations that made me feel like a cannabis rookie Right past the batches of OG and stacks of edibles Was a collection of artwork, some adult, all incredible The adult masterpieces of the sly master of rhyme Dr. Seuss's non-lyrical artworks — mostly unknown! What a crime! There they all were, on the wall at Green Cross: Bizarre-looking fishes, odd mounted faces Psychedelic landscapes of faraway mystical... More >>

  • Best Cutting Board


    It's not often that you get to show off your cutting-board collection, but when and if that opportunity arises, you better have something cool to bring to the table. For an artistic twist on an old classic, Dave Marcoullier, an arborist and landscape designer in the Mission, has created a line of cutting boards that are hand-etched with various organic designs, like aloe, coral, echeveria, and the California poppy. The boards are made out of walnut and treated with natural... More >>

  • Best Umbrella That's Also a Samurai Sword

    Loved To Death

    Instead of letting a rainy day ruin your outfit, why not use it as a chance to enhance it by adding a Japanese sword-slash-umbrella into the mix? With its nylon scabbard, you'll look like a badass samurai, slicing away at antagonistic raindrops aiming straight for your suede jacket. When you're not using your "swordbrella" to fend off H2O, you can sling it over your shoulder for an even more realistic warrior look (which, depending on the neighborhood you're walking in,... More >>

  • Best Reusable Juice Bottles

    Living Greens

    It's not hard to find fresh juice in the city — or really any major city, given how popular this fad is right now. But though the flavors might be (roughly) the same from juice joint to juice joint, the receptacles in which the juice is served varies greatly. While plastic bottles seem to be the norm — or glass cups if you're drinking in-house — there are a number of juiceries that bottle their wares in glass bottles. At... More >>

  • Best Store to Get Your Geek On

    Whatever Store

    If there's any place in S.F. where you can let your geek flag fly, it's Whatever Store. At this 10-year-old, neon green painted hole-in-the-wall shop in the Castro, the walls are lined with shelves upon shelves of comic books, graphic novels, manga, and other paraphernalia, like action figures and posters. This is the place to head if you want the newest comic-book releases, while older back issues are usually for sale at a discount. If you're into Eaglemoss figurines, they've... More >>

  • Best Spot to Watch an S.F. Sunset

    Adventure Cat Sailing Charters

    One of the best places to see San Francisco's skyline at sunset is from the Bay Bridge. Then again, it's also one of the worst places because it's not like you can get out of your car to snap the photo. For an equally, if not more impressive sunset photo, you can take one from the deck of a catamaran as it cruises languidly around the Bay. On the 90-minute ride — which you can also take in the afternoon... More >>

  • Best Marijuana Smoking Lounge

    Bernal Heights Collective

    Back in the day, about 10 or so years ago, there was another term used for where the kids today go to buy weed: "cannabis clubs." The term conjures up a sort of non-exclusive Pacific Union, where marijuana users can make friends over a shared joint and compare notes over various strains of OG, or simply have a place to sit and chill rather without worrying about irritating the neighbors or exposing the kids playing in the park to your... More >>

  • Best Place to Stash Your Dog

    Backyard and Beach

    Just because you get to go on vacation or take a weekend in Vegas doesn't mean you have to drop your dog off at the modern-day equivalent of the orphanage. And be real: Your friends do not want to "just drop by a few times" to feed and collect the droppings you'd rather not deal with. You're getting out of town for a change of scenery; why not do the same for your canine companion? Backyard and Beach is just... More >>

  • Best Library to Check Out the Black Panther Propaganda the CIA Never Got Around to Shredding

    The Freedom Archives

    An inconspicuous doorway off Valencia Street leads to a treasure trove of zines and 10,000-plus hours of sound and video recordings from the 1960s to the 1990s, all charting the progressive history of the Bay and its effect on global radical movements. Touch with your very own hands the yellowed circulars, leaflets, and handbills (ye olde lingo for "newspapers" and "flyers") that, in a pre-social media world, cemented the city's progressive reputation and helped to spread those so-called "San Francisco... More >>

  • Best Place For a Free HIV Test Featuring Naked Dudes

    Friday evenings at Nob Hill Theatre

    Nob Hill Theatre, the all-genders-welcome male strip club, is holding it down on Bush Street, and after several decades of D, it's still S.F.'s only place to see full-frontal guys up close, seven nights a week (for $20). Now, on Friday nights, sex-worker clinic St. James Infirmary provides free rapid HIV tests inside, making the theater the only legal place in town where you can watch dudes get nude to a Demi Lovato jam, get stuck with a needle, be... More >>

  • Best Place to Live Out Your Internet Meme Dreams

    KitTea Cat Cafe

    If you don't have a cat to harvest any social media fame, then slide through KitTea to up your cat game. KitTea is a tea shop that just happens to be filled with cats —cats that are in the shop with the specific purpose for you, the customer, to hang out with, pet, adopt, and maybe even get the chance to snap a picture with. Oh, and the tea's not bad, either.... More >>

  • Best Donald Trump Piñata

    Piñta Art and Studio Gallery

    Donald Trump's bid for president has led shops across the nation to sell the Republican presidential candidate in effigy. Several Mission Street stores sell them, but the Taj Mahal of Trump piñatas is found at Piñata Art and Studio Gallery. At four feet high, it's taller than many of the children who would presumably whack him, and is constructed with an internal wire frame that allows him to be a larger and vastly more detailed caricature than the standard crepe-paper... More >>

  • Best Spot To Seriously Level Up Your Sneaker Game

    The Darkside Initiative

    Few things in life are as important (or able to single-handedly make or break an outfit) as footwear. If you're in the market for new sneakers, head to The Darkside Initiative, a purveyor of crucial streetwear on the northern edge of Washington Square Park. There you'll find the finest selection of sneakers in the Bay Area, including brands like Nike, Vans, Adidas, and Converse, mostly of the limited-edition variety. (They're one of the few stores worldwide to possess a Nike... More >>

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