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  • Best Refusenik

    Unnamed DPW Worker

    In case you've been TaskRabbiting your way through life and haven't had the chance to leave the micro-loft to stroll the alleys and streets of central San Francisco, the number of homeless tent encampments in town is approaching epic levels — as in Hooverville and Great Depression levels. The poor and huddled masses are getting a pointed message from City Hall: You can't stay here (at least they're dispensing with the "you don't have to go home" part). Things reached... More >>

  • Best Muni Line

    The 33-Ashbury/18th

    Widely reviled though it is, Muni inspires some serious neighborhood partisanship. And while there's probably near-universal recognition that the lengthy and traffic jam-prone 9-San Bruno is the worst bus line in North America, we respectfully acknowledge that the 12-Folsom is a semi-secret chute to downtown, the length of the 43-Masonic's route is truly incredible, and the F-Market will save you when the underground implodes. Formerly known as the 33-Stanyan, the 33-Ashbury/18th does something magical by connecting the Mission and Castro... More >>

  • Best Queer Porn Star

    Jiz Lee

    For more than a decade, five-time AVN award nominee Jiz Lee has been a trailblazing trans advocate and a standout presence in your porn stash. You've seen the world-famous/local, genderqueer/non-binary adult star in videos from Pink & White Productions (Best Dyke Porn Production Studio, 2009), but also on Transparent as recurring character "Pony" and on the GLAAD-sponsored Trans 100 list of prominent cultural leaders in the transgender movement. Most notably, Jiz Lee's new book Coming Out Like A Porn Star,... More >>

  • Best New Museum

    Tenderloin Museum

    What is a museum if not a vehicle to challenge our perceptions of the world? This is perhaps best exemplified at the Tenderloin Museum, located in the infamous haunt of San Francisco that has perhaps one of the most colorful and important histories of any city neighborhood in the world. Hosting such events as the Volunteer Fair, films like Transgender Tuesdays: A Clinic in the Tenderloin, and guest speakers including Supervisor Jane Kim, the museum has become a cultural powerhouse... More >>

  • Best Local Boxer Going Pro

    Raquel Miller

    "Hard work pays off" is the watchword for Hunters Point native Raquel Miller, who twice came within a single decision of qualifying to fight for the United States at the Olympics. Becoming a Team USA alternate was a milestone on the incredible journey for the 30-year-old Miller, who just a few years ago was stepping through the doors at Mission Recreation Center, never having boxed in her life (but having scrapped her way out of many street fights growing up).... More >>

  • Best Place to Be Possessed

    Immaculate Conception Chapel

    Is the devil real? Is his name Donald Trump — or is evil lurking in your life another way? Everybody wants to cast out the ill wind as soon as it blows their way. The only question is how. It may have been years since you stepped into a church — or it may have been never — but for millions of Catholics around the world, the solemn rite of exorcism is a real thing. And one of its practitioners... More >>

  • Best Social Media Celebrity


    We have absolutely no idea how Berner does it. Dude is running a business — ok, several businesses: slanging clothes and flavored water, promoting shows and recording records and going on tour, investing in cannabis brands and making deals, all while providing top-shelf California cannabis to half of the artists in the music game — and somehow finds the time to put this and more all out there on Instagram and Twitter — where he's also constantly engaging with the... More >>

  • Best Rabble Rouser


    Ilyich Sato is giving San Franciscans a good name: "resistance." Already a fixture in the local music scene, where he's been dropping heat for two decades as the rapper Equipto, the son of a teacher and a trade unionist became a political figure this fall after a chance encounter with Mayor Ed Lee in a restaurant. That confrontation was the first of many challenges to Lee, who unfairly or not has become the scapegoat for the woes of gentrification as... More >>

  • Best Departed S.F. Icon

    Carol Doda

    We will dispense with the double entendres: Carol Doda, who we lost in November, was a San Francisco hero who will be rightly celebrated and remembered as long as the town she helped create still stands, the torch held aloft along Broadway and kept alight in neon. A young woman without anything but desires and dreams when she arrived in Beatnik-era North Beach a half-century ago, Ms. Doda embodied all the values so celebrated and commodified in today's oft-unrecognizable San... More >>

  • Best Comic Book

    GodRon Turner, Last Gasp Comics

    It's ok to be a pervert. To be a deviant means to depart from the norm, to challenge — and, maybe, to defeat — soul-stultifying convention. Here, we still value freaks and cherish stewards of the freak kingdom. Could you imagine the lame sameness of a world without the art and apostasy of R. Crumb, Bill Griffith, and the other out-crowd artists and minds put on the page and made immortal by San Francisco comic book publishing house Last Gasp... More >>

  • Best Old-School Stroll

    India Basin Park

    The sinews of old San Francisco lie in the water: the posts standing in the Bay mud that supported the docks and piers where the shipping that made the city possible, and later allowed it to flourish, flowed. There is still a whiff of the city's long-gone maritime past here, where the city's drydock and boatbuilding industries had their epicenters, and where the docks' predecessors — the Bay wetlands — are making a comeback along the maritime relics. Seventy five... More >>

  • Best Gentrification-Proof Neighborhood

    The Portola

    Being resistant to change doesn't always mean mounting a resistance. There are ways to enjoy the fruits of San Francisco's new bounty without selling off the shop. And indeed, there is a Four Barrel location and a homebrew supply store on San Bruno Avenue, but otherwise, life on the northeastern slope of McLaren Park is as it was before the city and other corners of it were "discovered": real. Known as "the secret neighborhood" by the press and advertised on... More >>

  • Best New Historical Preservation Project

    Signal Tower

    Perched high up on Yerba Buena Island is a piece of history that could soon be gone forever. A small, century-old building abandoned decades ago by the Navy and condemned in 1989, the Signal Tower had never so much as drawn a single pause in the long-running redevelopment process for the organic island and its man-made neighbor, Treasure Island. Then last year, Bay Area native Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez and his friend stumbled upon the place and embarked on a rogue mission... More >>

  • Best Privately Owned Public Open Space for Nighttime Mischief

    50 Beale St.

    Plazas, atriums, terraces, and small parks, all built by capitalists, all for the people — and all thanks to the 1985 Downtown Plan. These little gems remain a mystery to many in San Francisco, yet like any great surprise, they've been right there the entire time. Popular by day mostly because of their concentration in the lunch-crowd heavy FiDi-SoMa corridor, they're virtually deserted by night. Another little secret is that a lot of them are open 24 hours a day,... More >>

  • Best and Most Confusing Agitprop

    Gay Shame

    The queer group Gay Shame was the bane of DPW workers everywhere this past year, using "wheatpaste" (wheat + water = irritatingly hard-to-remove glue concoction) to post flyers targeting everyone from astroturfing pro-development group SFBARF to its capitalist benefactor, Yelp founder Jeremy Stoppelman (lest ye forget his epic response to now-fired Yelp staffer Talia Jane's Medium post complaining about the cost of living in SF: "Move to Phoenix!"). Breaking every graphic design rule in the book, the posters eschew a... More >>

  • Best Place to Get Ed Lee to Listen to You

    Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

    We all know San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is a busy guy. Between the ongoing saga of Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, the Mario Woods police shooting, and the fallout over costs surrounding the Super Bowl and its subsequent displacement of the city's homeless, Mayor Lee is running short on opportunities to chat. Lucky for us, there is now an Ed Lee we can always find, encased in wax at the newest branch of Madame Tussauds in the tourist haven of... More >>

  • Best Place to Pee in Union Square

    Macy's Department Store

    We don't often go out of our way for restrooms, but in the case of Macy's sixth-floor ladies room (sorry guys: you'll just have to make do with having everything else), all who pass through its doors will understand why it's worth the effort. Walk through the home section, and past the weird back corner of silverware that feels like you're inside of a wedding registry, and you'll see a very nonchalant door. Open it—opulence awaits. As Saturday Night Live's... More >>

  • Best Place to Pee in Public

    Dolores Park Pissoir

    When day drinkers just could not stop pissing along the train tracks at Dolores Park, where every weekend tons of revelers gather to partake in booze and other inebriants, the city came up with a great idea to make public urination acceptable: install an outdoor urinal. The new pissoir — a low, concrete semi-circle with a tarp hanging above it — sits alongside the J-Church line, allowing a person to stare down train passengers while letting loose into a drain.... More >>

  • Best View While Gardening

    Potrero Hill Community Garden

    Astonishing views of the city are a dime a dozen. San Francisco provides no small handful of places to take in all its beauty, and fog, from Alamo Square to the top of Coit Tower. Even backyards in the Sunset have a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, while the bridge's less spectacular counterpart — the Bay Bridge — can be seen from rooftops in Chinatown. But perhaps only one place offers as grand a view of the city as... More >>

  • Best Type of Muni Fare Evader

    The Spinner

    Deciding not to "pay your fair share" can result in a $112 slap on the wrist from Muni fare inspectors. It happens all the time — at San Francisco State University, for example, proof-of-payment workers crowd the bus stops along 19th Avenue and fine the hungry students who are just trying to save a buck to eat. Or at downtown Muni stations, where inspectors wait out of sight at the top of stairways for their unsuspecting victims to pay their... More >>

  • Best Place to Stand on Muni

    The Swivel

    Every day around rush hour, Muni trains passing through the downtown stations are filled to the brim with commuters who rush the doors as soon as they open. But the effective commuter is privy to the roomier spots on the Muni train. Rather than wedged between post-work riders who may or may not have applied deodorant or used mouthwash in the morning, the effective commuter makes her way to the metallic platforms that swivel when the train turns. Here, and... More >>

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