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Best Use of Dr. Seuss 

The Green Cross

While waiting in line for the weekend's quarter of Cookies

I spied some illustrations that made me feel like a cannabis rookie

Right past the batches of OG and stacks of edibles

Was a collection of artwork, some adult, all incredible

The adult masterpieces of the sly master of rhyme

Dr. Seuss's non-lyrical artworks — mostly unknown! What a crime!

There they all were, on the wall at Green Cross:

Bizarre-looking fishes, odd mounted faces

Psychedelic landscapes of faraway mystical places

Seuss' interpretation of the "Abduction of the Sabine Women"

Is this a cannabis club or an art museum? My eyes started dimming

I stood and I stared, I lost all track of time

Til the kindly budtender handed me what was mine

On my way out, I planned a return

Now if only I could sit here and lounge while I partook of a burn...

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