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Best Place to Be Possessed 

Immaculate Conception Chapel

Is the devil real? Is his name Donald Trump — or is evil lurking in your life another way? Everybody wants to cast out the ill wind as soon as it blows their way. The only question is how. It may have been years since you stepped into a church — or it may have been never — but for millions of Catholics around the world, the solemn rite of exorcism is a real thing. And one of its practitioners is here in San Francisco. Fr. Guglielmo Lauriola has been pastor of this humble-looking church on the south slope of Bernal Hill since the 1970s. In that time, the place has achieved a bit of a reputation. Pilgrims flocked here in the 1990s to see what was supposedly an apparition of the Virgin Mary that appeared on the roof. You may scoff and call it all so much poppycock, but pay a visit during the Thursday night healing Masses, when people come for a blessing directly from the exorcist himself. If not a believer, you'll come away questioning just what it was you saw.

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